Subaru DNA


Each and every vehicle that leaves the Subaru factory is created with the same Subaru DNA. It’s the heart and soul of our vehicles, and it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

Subaru DNA includes our Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine and the maximum five-star ANCAP occupant safety rating. These features come standard with every Subaru, and ensure a consistently superior driving experience, whichever Subaru you drive.


Subaru DNA


Our technical innovation and safety credentials combine to deliver performance, enhance safety and maintain consistently excellent retained value for every Subaru owner.


Performance: All-Wheel Drive for superior control and grip

We pioneered Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive over 40 years ago, and our engineers have been refining it ever since. Combined with our Vehicle Dynamics Control system (VDC), Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive optimises tyre traction and provides you with exceptional control, balance, grip and handling improving driving enjoyment at every turn. This superb engineering is part of every Subaru, and helps deliver a driving experience unlike any other.

Boxer engine performance

Perfectly suited to Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, our horizontally-opposed Boxer engines sit lower and flatter in the engine bay. That means less vibration and noise, and more cabin comfort while you drive. The low centre of gravity results in less body roll, flatter cornering, and the sensation of sticking to the road. And in the event of a severe frontal collision, it’s reassuring to know that it will slip below the passenger compartment – not into it.

The Subaru combination of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and our horizontally-opposed Boxer engine has been tested over many decades and is designed with one idea in mind- to give the Subaru driver a fun driving experience with an increased safety margin.


5-star ANCAP occupant safety rating

We apply our impeccable safety standard to every car we produce. That’s why, no matter which Subaru model you drive, you can be safe in the knowledge that your car has been awarded the maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating – the highest occupant safety rating available in Australia.

This is due to a number of safety-focused design decisions we implement right across our range. As well as the collision avoidance and protection benefits provided by its uniquely balanced design, every Subaru is designed to grip the road in almost any condition. And if anything happens beyond your control, a ring-shaped passenger safety cell and advanced crumple zone technology help minimise the risk of Subaru drivers and their passengers from incurring serious injury.


Consistently Excellent Resale Value = A Great Investment

Excellent retained value is no accident. Thanks to the quality of our engineering and our dedication to safety, Subaru vehicles retain consistently high resale value. But our DNA is only half the reason why.

Thanks to DataDot, we have among one of the lowest theft rates. Our highly skilled service technicians at over 100 Subaru service centres around Australia have one mission - to keep your Subaru in peak condition. So you can be sure that for years to come, your Subaru will be a good investment.


Subaru DNA